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About Our Tribe

"In West Philadelphia, born and raised..."


Straight out of the city of Brotherly Love, Lindsay and Lawrence grew up in the tough streets of Philly. This unforgiving, blue-collar town instilled ambition and hustle at a young age for both of them.

"I can remember standing on a chair in the kitchen with my grandma, radio on. She introduced me to the joy of baking. Later I discovered hip hop," Lindsay recalls.

"I just wanted a cinnamon bun, but because of COVID, we were stuck in the house. I whipped up a batch and they turned out better than I thought. From there, All About the Cinnamon was born, satisfying our sweet tooth and incorporating our favorite hip hop lyrics into our buns."

"We both share a deep love for hip hop," Lawrence says. "We met in a high school for the performing arts; her a dancer, and I a drummer. Music as a whole, is part of us, the bun, the substance. Hip hop is the frosting on top."


We built this company for our son, Dom.


To teach our beautiful boy what it takes to start a business from the trenches, the ground floor. To show him the hard work, dedication, and commitment it takes to pull it out of the mud and nurture it. To devote the time and energy to watch it grow. To learn how to change and adapt when necessary. And above all, to remain humble.


Our Vibe

We bake.

All. The. Time.


In the kitchen with our speakers blasting old school hip hop, we are inspired daily to create flavors and fill your stomachs with gooey, hand rolled, goodness.


Our process begins with the perfect mouthwatering playlist, coupled with our passion for baked goods and hard work; key ingredients for the success of these cinnamon buns.


From the moment the flour dusts our fingertips to the warm, melt-in-your-mouth first bite, these buns ooze nostalgia.


For us, a warm cinnamon bun and savory icing is the marriage between a perfect verse over a tight beat.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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How long will my order take?

Most orders will take 2-3 days to be filled.

We can send you an email or a text when they are ready.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we will deliver for free within a 15-mile radius of Sherman Oaks.

Farther than that will require a delivery fee based on distance.

How do I pick up my buns?

Most people choose to have their buns delivered. We do free delivery within a 15-mile radius of Sherman Oaks.

Do you offer gluten-free or vegan buns?

Many of our buns can be made gluten-free or vegan. The buns that can be made gluten-free, are listed on the menu.

If you would like to order vegan buns, send us an email.

How do I place my order?

You can place an order with your credit card online here.

We also take custom orders, large orders, or orders using venmo by emailing or calling.

Can I request a custom flavor?

Yes, we will do everything we can to accommodate your order, just send us an email!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Orders online through the site accept credit card and Pay Pal payments.​

If you would like to use venmo or other forms of payment, please place your order over the phone or through email.

How do I store and reheat my buns?

Buns are stored best in an air-tight container,  they should last 8-10 days.​

To reheat, just pop them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.​

Buns do not reheat well in the oven- they tend to dry out.

Can I order raw buns to cook at home?

Yes! For orders of a half-dozen or more, we can send you frozen, raw buns in a baking tin, a container of our icing and topping of your choice, and instructions for baking. We call it, "Breakfast in Bed."


We take every effort to avoid cross-contamination, including cleaning surfaces, and using dedicated surfaces, however, cross-contamination is always possible, as our kitchen contains dairy, wheat, eggs, and nuts.

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